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With our quiz software you can put your knowledge to the test. Guess the correct answer in different categories. You can compete against other players in several levels with 15 questions each. As a registered player, you will be included in the high score lists of the best quizzers.
Select a question and type the solution into the input field. If you get stuck, simply use a joker and you will be shown 4 possible answers. Only one of them is correct. You can find more detailed and further information in the Game instructions.

In addition to the classic Logo Quiz and the puzzle fun 4 Pics 1 Word you will find lots of special categories here. There should be something for everyone in our range. But take a look for yourself. We have listed all the game variations here. Simply click on the image of the respective game below to go to the game page.

4 Bilder 1 Wort

4 Pics 1 Word

In the 4 Pics 1 Word puzzle you have to recognize the similarities between 4 different pictures. We currently have 375 question pictures whose answer you should find.

Länderflaggen Quiz

Flag Quiz

As you can easily guess, the countries here have to be recognized by their flag. We have put together 150 countries for you in increasing difficulty.

Musikbandlogo Quiz

Band Quiz

Your music or band knowledge is required here. Every music band has its own logo. Here you have to guess up to 150 band logos.

Fußball-Vereinswappen Quiz

Soccer Team Logo

Things get even more special with the football club crest quiz. Football fans will love playing this quiz with 75 club crests.

Cartoon Quiz

Cartoon Quiz

Everyone knows cartoons, but do you also know these? We have 150 cartoon characters in our collection in increasing difficulty.

Movie Quizzzz

Movie Quiz

You have to guess the title of the film based on a still image of a film scene. For film lovers, the 150 films shouldn't be a problem.

Länderumrisse Quiz

Country Outline Quiz

120 countries and all have a different shape. Your knowledge of geography is required here. How well did you pay attention at school?

Hauptstädte der Welt

Capitals Quiz

And another geography quiz. Do you know the capitals of the countries you are looking for? With each level increase the level of difficulty also increases.

K-Pop Logo Quiz

K-Pop Logo Quiz

Only real fans can master this somewhat more special band quiz, which only asks about the K-Pop music genre. Are you one of them?

Promi Quiz

Celebrity Quiz

Prominent people from a wide range of areas such as actors, musicians, artists, athletes, etc. must be identified using a slightly modified photo.