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Game instruction how to play Quizzzz

Single Player Mode (Classic Mode)

As with any quiz must be something recognized. Here are 15 questions images (logos, flags, emblems, etc.) for each level are shown. If your select a question image, it is enlarged and including a box will appear. In this field you must enter the name of the displayed image can be entered.

The levels

If you have got 12 Question images correctly, the next level is unlocked. And you get 3 extra joker. (VIP players receive 6 jokers)

The Joker

If one is not a question of image knows, one has the possibility to use wild card (if still available). To do this click below the from on the button. Furthermore you will have 4 possible answers of which only one is correct, of course.

At the beginning of the game you have 3 Joker available. Whenever the 12 question picture of a level is detected properly will not only unlock the next level, but you get 3 more Joker. (VIP players receive 6 jokers)

The points

Points Action
+30 Points if all 15 question images of a level were properly called
+10 Points when the question image was called compete right
+8 Points when a correct alternatice answer was named
-3 Points there is a wrong answer
-2 Points if a joker is used
-1 Point if the question image is not answerd and switching to a different question image

The Quiz Tournament a different winner every month

At the monthly quiz tournament, questions from several different games are asked. For example, a tournament could consist of questions from Logo Quiz, Flags Quiz, Music Band Logo Quiz a> and Movies Quiz. The selection of these categories will be different for each tournament. The question images are determined automatically and randomly using a special logic, also in relation to the level of difficulty. Each tournament has 30 levels of 15 questions each. Only those who are fit in all these areas can win.

A tournament always starts on the 1st day of the month at 00:00 (CET) and lasts 25 days. Whoever is at the top of the Highscore list is the winner. The top 5 players get prizes in the form of a VIP status and / or Diamonds. See table below for details.
To counteract the possible scenario that the same player always wins, the winner for the 2 consecutive tournaments will be excluded from the ranking. This means that the winner can play these tournaments and get the points for solving the questions, but they are not displayed in the high score list and cannot win a prize.


The game is played in the same way as in the classic game mode. There are 15 questions per level. After 12 question pictures have been solved correctly, the next level will be unlocked.
At the beginning you get 3 jokers and with each unlocked level you get 3 additional jokers. (VIP players get 6 jokers).
Of course you also get points for solving a question. The number of points is the same as in the classic game mode. See point key above.

Conditions of Participation

There are 3 points to consider:

  • Only a registered and logged in player can participate in the tournament. It doesn't make sense otherwise because a guest player can't get a prize. He is not saved in the database and therefore cannot get diamonds or gain VIP status.
  • Since we have to cover our server costs somehow, we have integrated Google Adsense. However, if you "do not accept" the marketing cookies, these advertisements will not be displayed. We check here whether these marketing cookies are accepted and only offer the tournament function to players who also accept our advertising.
    Info: VIP players will not see the advertising even if marketing cookies are activated .
  • You must confirm that you have read and accept the Privacy Policy and these Terms and Conditions.

As mentioned above, the winner of a tournament in the 2 consecutive tournaments is not counted. Likewise, the Quizzzz Team is excluded from participating in the tournaments. Participants who do not play properly and try to manipulate the game with bots or similar techniques will be excluded from the tournament and blocked.


Only the top 5 players win.

Rank VIP access Diamonds
1 6 Months 500
2 1 Month 200
3 1 Month 100
4 - 100
5 - 100

Quiz of the day a new riddle every day

A new puzzle from one of the following categories is selected daily by a random generator:

The game is played in the same way as in the classic game mode. The same points are also awarded for a perfect, good or wrong answer. Rejecting the question does not lead to a deduction of points. But there are no jokers for that either.

Solution series

Registered players have the opportunity to collect lots of points and lots of diamonds. In the beginning, for a perfect answer, you get 40 points and 2 diamonds as a reward. For a good answer 20 points and one diamond.
The more pictures solved on consecutive days, the higher the score the rewards (see table below). If the series breaks off, you have to start over.

Day(s) Multiplier Rewards
for the perfect answer
Points / Diamonds
for a good answer
Points / Diamonds
1 1 40 / 2 20 / 1
2 2 80 / 4 40 / 2
3 2 80 / 4 40 / 2
4 2 80 / 4 40 / 2
5 3 120 / 6 60 / 3
6 3 120 / 6 60 / 3
7 3 120 / 6 60 / 3
8 3 120 / 6 60 / 3
9 3 120 / 6 60 / 3
10 4 160 / 8 80 / 4
11 4 160 / 8 80 / 4
12 4 160 / 8 80 / 4
13 4 160 / 8 80 / 4
14 4 160 / 8 80 / 4
15 and more 5 200 / 10 100 / 5
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