Ingame Cash Information

"Ingame cash" is what we call the form of payment within the game. The currency is the diamond(s) and has the symbol

What can I do with these diamonds?

  • On the one hand you can buy Joker for the respective game. There are various packages in the Shop (can only be seen if you are logged in as a registered player).
  • On the other hand, a VIP status. As a VIP player you have some excellent advantages over a normal player.
  • For the price of 10 , you can reset a game to 0 and start over.

How and where can I get diamonds?

Every day for the first login.
Once for completing your own profile.

For your own game progress

When you reach Gamer-Rank 2.
When you reach Gamer-Rank 5.
When you reach Gamer-Rank 10.
When you reach Gamer-Rank 15.
When you reach Gamer-Rank 20.

For a recruit's progress. You can recruit a maximum of 3 players.

When the recruit reaches Gamer-Rank 2.
When the recruit reaches Gamer-Rank 5.
When the recruit reaches Gamer-Rank 10.
When the recruit reaches Gamer-Rank 15.
When the recruit reaches Gamer-Rank 20.

In addition, by solving the "Quiz of the Day" you can also receives rewards in the form of points and diamonds. Depending on the length of the series of solutions (solutions in consecutive days) you get more or fewer diamonds. You can find the list of these rewards in the Game Instructions.

And last but not least, you can buy diamonds directly in the shop via PayPal. There are also various offers here.

In addition, there is the possibility of receiving diamonds for special services or activities directly from an administrator.