The BETA phase has ended.

No disadvantages were found for BETA players and therefore resetting the saves is not necessary. All data was therefore preserved.


Quizzzz in the new version 6 is currently in the beta phase. This means that this is a test phase in which problems or bugs that were not foreseeable during development could still occur.

If errors occur, we will try to fix them as quickly as possible.

This BETA phase is expected to last 3 months. After that, all scores are reset to zero.
If you find any bugs, please report them. We have prepared a separate support form for this.
There will be rewards in the form of in-game diamonds for special contributions.

After that, what is expected to reset and what will remain:

CAUTION: The following information could still change for unforeseeable reasons!


  • all scores (each starts again at level 1 with 0 points)
  • Diamonds (all previously earned diamonds will be deducted again)
  • ATTENTION: all jokers of each game (no matter how many you bought or earned in the BETA) will be reset to 3!!!
  • High score and master score - everyone has 0 points again and is therefore not listed

what remains:

  • each registered account and its configuration remains
  • Mentor and Recruit remain (when a Recruit progresses again, the Mentor receives the rewards again)
  • Friends (who was previously a friend will remain a friend)
  • pending friend requests remain open
  • VIP Status läuft genauso weiter (das Ablaufdatum ändert sich nicht)
  • In-game messages stay

The exact time when this beta phase will end and the stable version will go online will be announced.