Soccer Team Logo Quiz for true fans

Soccer Quiz is a special version of the classic logo quiz game. This must be recognized soccer team logos. The right quiz for true soccer fans.


Movie Quiz


Do you know the term (name, logo, person, ...)?

How to play?

Basically, there are two variants such can be played. These are explained here sepatat.

Single Player Mode

Single Player Mode

As with any quiz must be something recognized. Here are 15 questions images (logos, flags, emblems, etc.) for each level are shown. If your select a question image, it is enlarged and including a box will appear. In this field you must enter the name of the displayed image can be entered.

The levels

If you have got 12 Question images correctly, the next level is unlocked. And you get 3 extra joker.

The Joker

If one is not a question of image knows, one has the possibility to use wild card (if still available). To do this click below the from on the "help me". Furthermore you will have 4 possible answers of which only one is correct, of course.

At the beginning of the game you have 3 Joker available. Whenever the 12 question picture of a level is detected properly will not only unlock the next level, but you get 3 more Joker.

The points

Points Action
+20 Points if all 15 question images of a level were properly called
+10 Points when the question image was called compete right
+8 Points when a correct alternatice answer was named
-3 Points there is a wrong answer
-2 Points if a joker is used
-1 Point if the question image is not answerd and switching to a different question image

The highscore

In the highscore list the 100 best players in the series to be listed. The player with the most points at the top.

Register or play as a guest?

To play the quiz does not necessarily have to register. The game also offers all functions as an anonymous guest. However, there are some benefits that can enjoy a registered player:


  • Recognized logos and points will be saved and it can be played at ane time on.
  • On your profile page statistics Quizzzz all matches are displayed.
  • Only registered players will be added to the highscore list or in the Quizzzz master score list.


  • no

Click here for the registration form. It must be the name and a valid e-mail address to be entered. As security against spam registrations a captcha is requested, it must be simply just typed.
To the specified e-mail address after you submit the form, the password is sent. It can of course be changed after logging in.


Duel Mode

In Duel-Mode two players play always against eachother simultaneously. 15 randomly selected question-images must be guessed within 10 minutes. In some Quizzzz variants (in contrast to the single player mode) you can choose one of four answer options. The player with the most points wins the game.

The Challenge

Any player who is in the Duel-Mode can see a list of potential opponents. In this list (if it is a registered player) you can see next to the name the earned duel points and the duel level (stars) of this players. By clicking on the button "challenge" or "go" (in the mobile version) the opponent is challenged.
This opponent immediately receives a message that he was challenged and can start the duel (click on the button "accept and start the duel") or reject (click on the button "reject"). Once he has accepted the duel, the time begins to elapse and the question-images get visible. The challenger initially gets the message that the opponent has started the duel. Within 10 minutes he must also start the game by clicking the button "Start duel now". If once this period expired and the duel have not begun yet, the duel is automatically terminated and the points calculation is performed. If the challenger starts the duel in a timely manner, the 10 minutes playing time start elapsing for him. He gets the same question-images as the opponent and he can play now.

The points

Basically: For each correctly recognized question-image you earn a point. For each mistake, a point is deducted. The player who earns more points is the winner. If both players have the same number of points, so it is a tie and no one gets points.

For all registered players, the points are saved and added for each subsequent duel. Due to the amount of the number of points the player is classified in a Duel-Level. This Duel-Level is marked by stars. The Duel-Level list is given below.

Guests always have the lowest Duel-Level (0).

If a player with a lower Duel-Level wins against a player with a higher Duel-Level, the accumulated points are multiplied by the level difference.


Player 1 with the Duel-Level 1 has 10 points and player 2 with the Duel-Level 5 has earned only 7 points. The points difference is 3 and the level difference 4. Player 1 (the duel-Level is lower) credited 12 points (3 x 4). Only 3 points will be deducted from player 2 (here, the level difference is not taken into account).

If the player 1 gets only 7 points and the player 2 reaches the 10 points, this situation is different. The player 1 will be deducted 3 points and the player 2 (the Duel-Level is higher) earns only 3 points.


Every registered player will be classified with the Duel-Level.

Duel-Level Duel-Points Stars
0 < 5
1 6 - 10
2 11 - 20
3 21 - 40
4 41 - 80
5 81 - 160
6 161 - 320
7 321 - 640
8 641 - 1280
9 1281 - 2560
10 > 2561

Game end

The points will only be counted when both players have finished the duel. This can happen in two variants. Either the time has expired or the player has answered all 15 question-images.

An incorrect answered question-image cannot be played again.

Disable the Duel-Mode

If you want to play only in single player mode and don’t want to be bothered with duel requests, you can get invisible for other players. Therefore you have to click at the top of the "green eye". It symbolizes the visibility. "green" means visible, "red" invisible.

sichtbar invisible

More information

If a player is currently in a duel, he is automatically invisible to all other players. Only when the battle is over, he becomes visible and can be challenged again or he can even challenge a new opponent himself.

If one of the two players has ended the duel, he can continue playing in single player mode so he does not get bored waiting for the opponent. When the opponent terminates the duel, the result in the Message box is displayed automatically.


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