Soccer Team Logo Quiz for true fans

Soccer Quiz is a special version of the classic logo quiz game. This must be recognized soccer team logos. The right quiz for true soccer fans.

Currently, there are 5 levels in which each 15 soccer team logos to guess. Test yourself and see how much a fan you really are.

NEW: Challenge other players out in a duel. Do you know more soccer team logos than your opponent?


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Scan the QR-Code an play *QUI* on your smartphone or tablet.


Single-Mode play Single-Mode

As with any quiz must be something recognized. Here are 15 questions images (logos, flags, emblems, etc.) for each level are shown. If your select a question image, it is enlarged and including a box will appear. In this field you must enter the name of the displayed image can be entered.

The single player mode is played over several levels. The next level will unlock when at least 12 question-pictures of a level were guessed correctly. For each action, whether a question image has been guessed correctly or incorrectly or if a question image is rejected, points will be added or subtracted. The 100 best players are listed in the Highscores.

For further information click here: Game instructions 'Single-Mode'.


Duel-Mode play Duel-Mode

Online Players who have activated the Duel-Mode, can challenge eachother. The game is played with 15 questions-images in one level. These images are generated randomly and are the same images for both players. In some Quizzzz variants (in contrast to the single player mode) there are always 4 answer options displayed. Who earned the most more points (calculation of the points below) wins the game.

The two players have 15 minutes to answer all the question images. In the end, wins the one who identified the most pictures correctly. The higher the difference between the number of correctly recognized images of the two players, the more points gets the winner and the more points are substracted from the loser .

For further information click here: Game instruction 'Duel Mode'.


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