How to play the Quizzzz Android App

This Android app version is played exclusively in single player mode.


How to play?

As with any quiz must be something recognized. Here are 15 questions images (logos, flags, emblems, etc.) for each level are shown. If your select a question image, it is enlarged and including a box will appear. In this field you must enter the name of the displayed image can be entered.

The levels

If you have got 12 Question images correctly, the next level is unlocked. And you get 3 extra joker.

The Joker

If one is not a question of image knows, one has the possibility to use wild card (if still available). To do this click below the from on the "yet x joker available". Furthermore you will have 4 possible answers of which only one is correct, of course.

At the beginning of the game you have 3 Joker available. Whenever the 12 question picture of a level is detected properly will not only unlock the next level, but you get 3 more Joker.

The points

Points Action
+20 Points if all 15 question images of a level were properly called
+10 points when the question image was called compete right
+8 points when a correct alternative answer was named
-3 points there is a wrong answer
-2 points if a joker is used
-1 Punkt if the question image is not answerd and switching to a different question image

The highscore

In the highscore list the 100 best players in the series to be listed. The player with the most points at the top.

Register or play as a guest?

To play the quiz does not necessarily have to register. The game also offers all functions as an anonymous guest. However, there are some benefits that can enjoy a registered player:


  • Recognized logos and points will be saved and it can be played at ane time on.
  • On your profile page statistics Quizzzz all matches are displayed.
  • Only registered players will be added to the highscore list or in the Quizzzz master score list.


  • nothing

During registering only the name (may be the real name, a nickname or pseudonym) and a valid e-mail address must be entered. As a protection against spam registrations a captcha must be typed in.
On the specified e-mail address, the password is sent after submitting the form. It can of course be changed after logging in.