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current version: 1.3.4

Currently there are 5 categories.

Logo Quizzzz, Cartoon Quizzzz, Movie Quizzzz Soccer Quizzzzand Promi Quizzzz


Android Smartphone
Logo Quiz

Logo Quizzzz

30 Levels
450 question pictures

Movie Quiz

Movie Quizzzz

10 Levels
150 question pictures

Cartoon Quiz

Cartoon Quizzzz

10 Levels
150 question pictures

Soccer Quiz

Soccer Quizzzz

5 Levels
75 question pictures

How to play?

Demo video: It shows the Android app in action.

quizzzz played with the Samsung S3

This video was taken with my smartphone in my preferred mode (Polaroid). But it can just as in Panorama format to be played (Smartphone rotated 90 degrees). Besides, it is optimized for 7 inch and 10 inch tablets.

A detailed guide with all the features you can find here: game instructions